You have to see it with your own eyes!

When young people see Israel for the first time with their own eyes, something awakens in them, changing them forever. The Arise summer tour 2018, led by ICEJ Arise Director Jani Salokangas, was one of great impact with many hearts being filled with a greater love for God and Israel.

Some of the adventures throughout the Land of Israel were discovering Jerusalem’s many treasured places, dipping their feet in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized, going on camel rides in the desert, floating in the Dead Sea, and exploring the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus performed many of His miracles.

This was an unforgettable trip for many, but it was especially so for James, a young man from Canada. Four years ago, James became a born-again believer, and it wasn’t until this trip to Israel that he was baptized for the first time! One memorable service project for the group was picking up loads of trash along the Sea of Galilee. James recounts, “This was not just a small act of service, but it was a great honor for me to use my own two hands to take care of the Land of Israel.”

Another young person that was deeply impacted by this trip to Israel was Destiny, also from Canada. She explained, “It has always been a far-off dream to go to Israel, but God brought me to Israel! Through this trip, God has encouraged me not to be afraid to dream with Him. When I go back home to Canada, I would like to be an advocate for Israel in some way. I have a dream to bring people together to educate them about Israel.”

After receiving a greater understanding of God’s Word and God’s heart for Israel, these young believers will have a big impact on their respective nations. Just as these young people were changed by being in Israel, we also encourage you with these words from James, “You have to see it with your own eyes!”

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