Testimonies from the 2018 Israel Impact Tour

The Israel Impact trip was the perfect trip for me. Being able to experience the holy land with like-minded young adults from around the world has truly been an amazing experience. I feel completely immersed into the land, the people, and the culture of Israel. I am so grateful for this opportunity to see the land of my savior and to learn about both the ancient and modern history of Israel, which has always been and will forever be such an important area of the world. – Marlyss

This trip has really helped the Bible come to life. Seeing all the sites has helped me connect the dots like never before. My eyes have been opened to truths that I had not yet seen back home. You guys are doing a wonderful thing by opening a whole different world to all of us young adults. I will forever be grateful for the work ICEJ does to unpack the Word through the land of Israel. Thank you for the opportunity of coming here and accommodating all of us. My life has been radically changed. – Anna

It was an incredible trip that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you. My Bible has come to life in a way like no other. – Monique

This trip has shown me the importance of loving the Jews and has given me an understanding of their way of life, their traditions, culture and legacy. I will be bringing this love for the Jews back home and sharing this love with my church, my friends and family back home. – Graceleen

This trip has been such an incredible experience for me. Seeing the sites, the nature, the beauty of the land chosen by God while hearing words of wisdom and insight from our tour guide and leaders truly brought the Bible to life. There’s nothing really like it and you can never really understand until you’ve seen it first hand. My faith in the word and a passion to spend more time studying– it has been awakened in a way that I could never have imagined. I definitely will remember these past two weeks for the rest of my life. – Janelle

This trip has opened my eyes to the importance of God’s holy land and his chosen people! This trip allowed me to hear from God like never before! I️ look forward to returning to the Holy Land soon!! – Anonymous

Understanding and grasping the importance of embracing Israel – the people and the land. I’ve come away from this trip with a new love for Israel, and a desire to bless the nation and its diaspora. I’ve got to know and fellowshipped with amazing brothers and sisters in Christ! I’ve been inspired and blessed by being a part of the ICEJ/Rock family! I feel refreshed and energized to go into the new season with a new perspective of my life and heart towards God’s people and building His kingdom! – Nia

I loved this trip! It really allowed time for God to speak to us. The information we learned about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was extremely helpful and eye opening. Overall the trip was very impactful and memorable. Thank you so much!! – Anonymous

This trip gave me a deeper love for the people of Israel. I learned so much from being around them, hearing their personal stories and experience their giving spirit!! This was more important than all the sites we visited or the fun things we got to do. I will be back soon! Thank you all for your LOVE, care and dedication. It was an amazing trip and I learned so much even before I got to Israel. I am thankful to the staff and this amazing organization for all that you do to help people get to the Holy Land. – Tolu

This trip was instrumental in bringing the Bible to life and seeing the places where Jesus and his disciples walked made everything so much clearer and provided so much clarity when going back and rereading the scriptures. It also opened my eyes to the reality of the Jewish people and their role within the Bible and modern times. – John

This trip really made the Bible come to life for me! I was able to truly put myself in the same spots as Jesus, and experience some of the things He did. I was able to get a deeper revelation of the love that Jesus has for us all. – Corrie

This trip has been a testimony to me of God’s faithfulness to His words and promises by showing me His faithfulness through an entire nation. – Richard

This trip has opened my eyes to the faithfulness of God to Israel and the Jewish people. The Bible was brought to life for me on this trip. I cannot wait to return to The Holy Land again! – Anonymous

This trip has been a life transforming time in my walk and relationship with the Lord. It has flipped my entire world upside down and showed me the faithful and loving God I serve that remembers His covenant to this very day and hour. Thank you for letting God use you and your organization. This is reaching future generations through the people that go on this trip. – Jasmine

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