2018 Israel Impact Students Seek God in Israel

Sitting in a large tent in the middle of the desert, some 30 young adults from the United States learned about and partook of Bedouin hospitality. They assisted in grinding the coffee beans and drank strong cardamom-flavored coffee famous throughout the Middle East. This cross-cultural experience was a highlight of the Israel tour for the group.

But the fun was only beginning; they later rode camels and slept in Bedouin tents that night. The evening was spent sharing personal testimonies around an open fire and enjoying a time of worship under the stars. Sleep was hard to come by thanks to the many birds living in the camp, particularly the very loud peacocks! But who really wanted to sleep anyway?

Another highlight of the tour for the group of 20-somethings was snorkeling in the Red Sea, not to mention seeing a lifesized replica of the tabernacle. Their service project was to pick up trash along the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Israel Impact students on the Sea of Galilee

Over half of the group were interns at The Rock Church in Anaheim, California, but were joined with other young adults from around the United States, three from Canada, and one from the United Kingdom. They were all especially talented at finding the closest Aroma coffee shop, and were united by their love for the amazing tour guide, Beni—now named the “official Israel Impact tour guide!”

“This trip was a real blessing to me,” said Susan Michael, ICEJ USA Director. “These young adults were extremely mature and were all eager to take in the teachings and receive personal direction from the Lord. God met with each one of them, and it was a joy to share with them out of the Bible, encouraging them in their desire to serve the Lord.”

Pastor Jessica Harkins of The Rock Hesperia led the tour, assisted by Pastor Zach Patterson of The Rock Anaheim. The ICEJ-USA is very grateful for the partnership with The Rock and looks forward to the next Israel Impact Tour in June 2020.

Learn more about ICEJ’s Young Adult tours at: www.icejusa.org/young-adult-tours

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